1.  Melaka is known as the Historic City of Malaysia.
    It was an strategically-loacted entrepot in 15th Century facilitating trade between China, India and Arabia.
  2. It purportedly got its name from a tree Parameswara, the founder of Melaka, was sitting under when on a hunting trip a deer attacked his hunting dogs.
  3. The Melaka tree could be seen in the city centre to honour the founding of Melaka.
  4. Melaka had seen four centuries of colonial rule (1511 to 1957), the longest in any state in Malaysia.
  5. Melaka was honoured with UNESCO World Heritage Site Status in July 2008 alongside Penang
  6.  Melaka has a size of 1664 square kilometres
  7. As of 2017 Melaka had a population of 910,000 with 460,000 males and 450,000 females. It had an annual population growth of 1.5%. (Source: Department of Statistics)
  8. Melaka is about 150 kilometres away to the south of Kuala Lumpur
    It is about 250 kilometres away towards the northwest of Singapore.
  9. Melaka’s capital is called Bandaraya Melaka (Melaka City).

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